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Professional Web Design to help make the most of your digital marketing activities

Your website is right at the heart of your marketing activities. Even if you contact customers offline, there's a very good chance they will quickly check you out online to get a quick first impression. 

As long as you have a site that looks great across all devices and is quick and simple to use, you have a much greater chance of finding customers online. 


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'Is Web Design still that important?'

Yes. Probably moreso than ever. The web is a crowded place now and it's no longer enough just to have a website. Your site should inform, persuade and inspire people to get in to dialogue with you.  

Creating the right impression is crucial. Your website is the one place where you have total control over how your business looks online. There are none of the restrictions you get on social media profiles or directories so your business can express itself just the way you want it to.  

'So what makes a great website?'

The best websites not only look great, but also 'flow' really nicely as well. Usually, that's because they have been carefully planned out from the very beginning and the content has been carefully structured to match the way customers buy.

All of this needs to happen first. If the user experience isn't right, people won't buy from you no matter how nice your colours, fonts and images are.  

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'So where do I begin?'

If you need a website - or a redesign of your existing one - get in touch and explain what you're trying to achieve. I can help you plan your site content and start to bring your new digital presence to life. 

If you don't know what you want yet or can't find the words to express it - no problem. I can give you some ideas of what's possible and help you articulate what your ideal digital presence should look like. 

Get in touch to discuss Web Design for your business

Contact me if you need a website or you feel that your current one just isn't hitting the mark with customers.