Local SEO

'So what exactly is Local SEO?'

What products or services do you sell? Search for them on Google and if Google Maps listings appear within the search results, Local SEO is something you need to consider. If maps listings are included, then Google has determined that your product or service is one that people prefer to buy from a local business.

So for example if you're a locksmith, financial adviser or car dealership, you need to think about Local SEO. If you're a fashion blogger or run an e-commerce store, you won't. 


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'So does Local SEO need a totally different approach?'

Not completely, but there are a lot of extra things you need to do and think about. If you've already put some work into SEO for your website, don't worry - all is not lost. That work won't go to waste. The basics of good SEO apply to local businesses too. You just have to do some extra work to show that address some of the extra little 'signals' that Google looks for from a local business.  

'So how do I succeed at Local SEO?'

Just like any form of marketing activity, you need a plan and you need to take regular small steps to execute it. The steps you need to take will depend on where you are already but you need to find ways to get local links, have a plan to generate reviews from satisfied clients and get plenty of citations from reputable online directories.

With all that in place you can then start to generate visitors, leads and sales through your website from Local SEO.

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Local SEO

'...and how do I get started with Local SEO?'

Talk to me and I'll help assess where you are now with Local SEO, where you potentially could be and some actions that will help you get there. Just a quick look at your site is usually enough to spot a few ideas. However,  I'll do a full analysis of your site to see all the opportunities before I make any recommendations. 

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No matter what stage you're at with your Local SEO, contact me and I'll be happy to help you.