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Why you need a Digital Strategy for your business

Have you ever dabbled in Social Media? Thrown together a quick email newsletter? Or maybe even produced a short video? If you have and it didn't quite work there was probably one important thing missing. Digital Strategy will give you the overall picture that these individual activities need to contribute to. it gives you clear, cohesive, consistent guidelines to work to that help you plan and build your digital marketing activity.


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'So what does Digital Strategy entail?'

Before you do any digital marketing activity, you need to pay some regard to Digital Strategy. For a small business, this might be as simple as a one-page summary of the objectives and tone of your activity. It's crucial that you at least do something to determine your strategy. 

Once you have a clear Digital Strategy, you can also look to integrate your digital activities with your offline activities. This will ensure that sales and marketing activity throughout your business is aligned, across all of the various channels. 

'Is Digital Strategy really that important?'

Yes. There are more digital tools out there than ever. You don't have time to use all of them well and the truth is, you don't need to anyway. You just need to spend some focused time thinking about what will get you noticed by your target audience and take you closer to your overall goals and objectives. 

That way, you can get the best return on your digital marketing budget and save valuable time and resource within your business. 

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'So how do I get started with my Digital Strategy?'

Get in touch and tell me all about your business. I'll ask more about your products and services, the market you operate in and who your customers are. From there, we can figure out your objectives and a digital strategy. It's that simple. There's no preparation required on your part, other than to know about your business.

Get in touch to discuss shaping your Digital Strategy

Contact me and we can discuss your business's objectives and goals and how digital tools can best be used to help you achieve them.